Pleased tenants

We have had such a great experience with Rocker Realty. They are quick to respond if you have any questions or problems. I would highly recommend them.

Tamara Checho & Matt Kauffman – tenants

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  • Donald Haddock

    I my girls)had a rental home in Minneola for several yrs. Residing out of town, and depending on a great friend to look after it really became a burden on all. I contacted Janet about putting it on the market. She went over to assess the needs to do. Janet called me with needed improvements, which were basic. Mind you, I’m 3 hrs. away, she scheduled painting, carpeting for me. I trekked up several times for my upgrades. I think we wowed each other on the outcome. We signed listing paperwork. Within 24 hrs after listing, sale was pending. All parties extremely satisfied. We closed on 5-15-19. Janet and (Rocker Realty) made this transition extremely simple. Thanks Janet and RR! Highly recommend you folks. Thanks again, Donald

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